Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contests! Contests! Contests!

Ever since I won a bag full of goodies from I seem to be hooked on joining online promos and contests. I would checkout sites that advertise contests and join in every single one of them. I'm pretty lucky since I've won quite a number of times. Before I've never used Facebook that much but now that I found out that there are so many promos there, most of the time I spend online I get to spend in Facebook. I guess some of you don't get my fascination but I'm sure those that have won prizes online understand what I'm saying. Just try joining and once you win something you'll never stop. You're hooked.


Sherry said...

another you can check here

hehe... you can see the link in pots its pinay so many goodies!!

Sherry said...

there is a contest going on and I need help for referral points

I want to invite you take part in

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