Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinay Mommy Online's Top Commentator Giveaway

I had a pleasant surprise this afternoon. I already knew that I won the Top Commentator prize for the month of March in Mommy Rubz's Pinay Mommy Online blog but I didn't expect that I would get $20 in Paypal funds. I actually preferred that instead of getting something in kind since I'd use the money to pay for some of my expenses. The top commentator giveaway goes on every month and the prizes differ for each month. There are some rules that participants should abide in which you can read here. If you like blog hopping and reading interesting posts then bagging the top commentator prize will be effortless. Just visit Pinay Mommy Online if you want to win some cool stuff.

1 comment:

Honney said...

wow, congratulations! ang yaman talaga ni mommy rubz!