Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SocialLinkMart: Earning Through Sharing

I received my first payment from SocialLinkMart last week. Since I'm a new member, I didn't have any idea at first how I was going to be paid. I searched their FAQs for that particular topic but I didn't find any. It turns out that they pay you automatically on the first week of the month through Paypal. Although it wasn't that big, I'm still thankful because I didn't really spend a lot of time on the site but I still got paid. 

SocialLinkMart offers social media enthusiasts a way to make money by sharing great content with their followers. You get paid for each social link you complete. Choose the content you'll share in the "Sell Social Links" tab and only share the ones that you think will be interesting to your followers. Remember to download the Firefox SocialLinkMart Toolbar because this is the only way you can share content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and be credited.

You can either be an Advertiser or Provider in SocialLinkMart. A Provider is a social media user that will share your content with their followers. Social Link Mart Providers must have a minimum Kred social media influence score of 350. Providers get paid based on their social media reach. They currently use Klout scores to set the rate for paid share. The higher your score, the more you can earn.

Sign up with SocialLinkMart and earn the easy way by sharing through your social media networks.

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