Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Easily Packed Projects When You Live in Temporary Housing

Packing up your life for extended stays in temporary housing in Lubbock, TX, can be tiring. Living out of a suitcase for days or weeks out of the month means that you have to make sacrifices. You can’t always enjoy the comforts of home when you have a weight limit on your suitcase. But making room for a couple items that help you feel comfortable and relaxed is important. Projects or hobbies give you something to do in your downtime, engage your mind, and help you release stresses from work. The feeling of accomplishing something you find personally enjoyable and for which there is no pressure or deadline often comes as a relief. Here are some ideas for easily packed projects.

Stuff You Can Do on a Computer

You already have your laptop with you, so why not utilize it further? As an aspiring author, you can knock out a few thousand words every evening with your favorite word processing software. If you’re really serious about banging out the great American novel, there are different programs available that offer lots of features both amateur and professional authors find very useful in organizing research, character points, and plot items. If it’s the picture that’s worth the thousand words, you can easily indulge in your creative scrapbooking hobby by using digital methods of organizing your photos.

Computerized games are an incredibly popular way to unwind and de-stress. Social media sites give you access to numerous games you can play alone or against online buddies. Some are more mindless than others, so choose your level of intellectual involvement and have at it. Don’t forget the value of having a subscription to an online video streaming site so you can catch up on your favorite movies or television series.

Using Your Hands

If the thought of sitting in front of a computer screen for one more minute is too much to handle, it’s time to get your hands busy. Unfortunately, hobbies that require large pieces of machinery won’t fit into your suitcase, but it might be possible to bring a small portion of a project along with you. Some yarn and a crochet hook or knitting needles don’t take up too much room, especially if your project can be completed in pieces that will be connected later. Other ideas: small whittling or woodworking projects that require a few hand tools; a sketchbook and pencils; a deck of cards; crossword puzzles and Sudoku; mini sewing machine and fabric; a good digital camera or video camera (along with some editing software); books; audio books and jogging shoes; and a cookbook with interesting recipes you’ve always wanted to try (this works best in furnished temporary housing in Lubbock, TX). There’s no reason to waste your time while away on business trips. Hobbies and projects keep your mind engaged and help you relax, which is important for both your mental and your physical health.

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