Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fab Accessories From Romwe

It's been a while since I shopped at Romwe. Although I love their items, the shipping time is just too long for me. I'd have to wait for about a month before I can pick up my items at the Post Office which is another hassle since it kinda defeats the purpose of online shopping which is buying stuff and waiting for them to be delivered at the comforts of your home. But I shouldn't be complaining that much since I didn't spend a single cent shopping for these fabulous items (a client gave me a voucher worth $20). I guess I'm just excited to see my purchases that's why I keep ranting about not getting them sooner. 

Anyhow, here are my pretty, new accessories from Romwe:

Crosses Shaped Golden Necklace  ($7.99)
Cut-out Flower Pendant Earrings ($4.99)
Hollow Out Gold Bracelet ($6.99)

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