Friday, January 9, 2015

What to Expect During Labor and Delivery?

In everything you do, it's a must to always be prepared. If you are a first-time mom and you’re in your first trimester, even if you read so many articles about labor and delivery, you will still have no idea what to really expect when that time comes. There are stages in labor you will experience that you may want to look into before deciding to finally go to the hospital. The very first thing will often be your mucus plug according to Cervical mucus plugs seal the cervical canal during pregnancy to protect the baby from any bacterial infection while inside your womb. You will notice that a small amount of cervical mucus, sometimes it’s colored white, sometimes blood tinged; it means you’re nearing your labor. Also, you want to try timing your contractions. Real labor starts when the time and the interval of your contractions are the same. Also, the most common sign of labor is when your water breaks, if you feel a gush or a trickle of water coming out, prepare to go to the hospital, you will see your baby anytime soon. Don't be too nervous about giving birth and just think positively about the whole experience. 

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