Sunday, April 26, 2015

Whisper Sample From Everydayme

If you haven't signed up at Everydayme, well you're missing a lot because they're giving out samples like mad. I just received my Whisper Cottony X-Long All Night Protection sample (for extra long, extra heavy flow) yesterday. It contains 4 pads with wings. Here are some of its features:

*Soft cottony cover that is gentle to your skin.
*Blue Lock Core which absorbs even large amounts of menses and locks it away from the surface.
*Extra long and wide backguard for protection against front and back leaks, even during extra heavy 
*Hug Wings which help secure the pad in place for superior leakage protection.

Hurry over to their website and enjoy some of the samples they're giving out. You'll likewise read interesting articles and product reviews on items under categories such as family life, food, health and wellbeing, home and garden, beauty, and smart shopping.

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