Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is another blog that rocks! the types of articles vary which is really great since you can just take it easy and read through the archives. If you're a contest junkie like me, there's a contest category to checkout. If you're a mom there are insightful articles about being a responsible mom. There are also articles about financial matters like ways on saving money by buying items in bulk as well as getting some inside information on online shopping sites that offer discount coupons for shoppers which is a great way to save money. I also like the Music archive where you can see the lyrics of some nice songs and watch their respective music videos. If you're also a food lover like me there are a couple of topics touching on food in this blog. If you simply want to escape from all the craziness around you and have a lazy day eating junk food and reading til your eyes hurt just sift through the Random Thoughts category and it will feel as if you know Marose (redamethyst) personally.

To see for yourself what I'm rambling about visit Simple Pero Rock at http://www.redismarose.com/ and rock with redamethyst. You can also checkout http://www.redismarose.com/2010/08/my-journey-as-a-blogger/ to see the list of some really interesting blogs to follow (including mine of course, hehehe!).

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