Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Love Affair with Fashion

I've always been passionate about fashion. It started when I was a little girl and my mom bought me lots of fancy dresses fit for a princess. I was and always will be a sucker for clothes, accessories, and anything that spells fashion. At an early age I knew what looked good and what didn't and I enjoyed dressing up. With this in mind I really should have been a fashion designer but I couldn't because I don't know how to draw and I'm not very creative. It's only recently that I realized that I can be a fashion stylist, like Liz Uy perhaps. You don't need to draw well, you need only to be fashion savvy. But to be one you should know people in the fashion industry and have many connections. Unfortunately, I don't. So I just channel my being passionate about fashion by being a fashionista and by shopping for accessories. Lots and lots of accessories. I go gaga over them! I have a collection of earrings and bangles that are just gathering dust. But who cares! I simply can't go to a mall without buying one. I also do my own and sell them at my online shop. I absolutely glow at every compliment I get for my clothes and fashionable accessories. I would have wanted to run after my passion and made a career out of it but sometimes life takes us on a different path. It is what it is. The important thing is to keep your passion alive in other ways you know how.

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