Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life and the Japan Earthquake

God has a way of reminding us all that we are here in this world temporarily and that everything is just borrowed and will be returned in due time. Material things are just that - material, and should not be taken too seriously. I think it's so important to keep this in mind because there are times when we tend to be more materialistic than what's necessary and we forget the more relevant things in life. These are but a few things I've come to realize after the devastating earthquake in Japan. Imagine losing everything in just a few minutes. Even losing your life. It really got me thinking. We should really make the most of our lives and be the best person that we can be so that we'll never regret anything in case it's time for us to go. My heart bleeds for the people of Japan. I'm constantly watching CNN for news and have learned that the number of people who died keeps on rising and many are still unaccounted for. I pray that nothing like this happens in our country because I can't imagine how we'll be able to cope if ever it does. We are definitely not ready for a catastrophe this big. Let's all pray and hope for the best for our country.

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