Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Like Qwerty Giveaway

This is another giveaway by Mommy Ellen Joy not to be missed by anyone because the prize is awesome. It's a spanking new Alcatel One Touch 355D!

The mechanics are super duper easy because it's detailed in Bloggityboop. You won't get confused or anything like that. Be sure to also visit the other blogs of Mommy Ellen:

Mommy’s Infodose, Food Fashion, and Beauty Blog, Music, Movies, Stars, A Bloggerette’s Online Adventure, Day Dreaming Mommy, Shoppinay, Mommy Survival Guide

This giveaway is only open in the Philippines and is until September 9, 2011.

What are you guys waiting for? Please visit Bloggityboop now and join the giveaway!

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