Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hearty Merienda at the UCC Cafe Terrace

I went yesterday to Newport Mall with my nephew for a much needed time away from work. I had my nails done first at the Fab Salon and then we had merienda at UCC Cafe Terrace. It was my first time to dine at that branch of UCC so I was kinda excited. Sure thing because all the food we ordered were yummy. My nephew had a Tiramisu Cake and we all shared the big servings of Chicken Teriyaki and Eggplant Sandwich, Sausage and Bacon Pizza Toast, and Fudge Brownie Sundae. They have a lot of dishes in their menu so I'd love to come back for more.

UCC Cafe Terrace
2/F Resorts World Manila, Newport Mall, 
Newport Blvd Domestic Airport, Pasay  
(02) 659-4408

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Chi Garcia said...

we ate at UCC, ordered rice type meals. Hubby hated it. Hahhaa!