Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Customer Service Still Alive in Pharmaceuticals

In today’s ruthless world, it can often feel like customer service has died. Doing business can seem heartless and make you feel like you are no longer a person, but a number or just part of a boring routine for companies. However, there are some companies that still honor their customers and treat them as they would like to be treated. One such company can be found at

Feeling Rushed

Have you ever tried to speak with a pharmacist and felt rushed or flustered? Those who work in medicine are often extremely busy and sometimes patients can feel as if their problems or cares do not matter much to others. While waiting in line to discuss prescription medicines, information can feel overwhelming. Some people are intimidated by the fast pace and the long lines of people that are waiting for their turn.

Feeling rushed is not pleasant. It makes a person not ask important questions or forget what information they need to collect about their prescriptions. The worst part is that even though the patients or recipients feel rushed when discussing their concerns, they still have to wait incredibly long amounts of time for their prescription to be filled. The entire process can be extremely frustrating.

Customer Service

How can a company improve their customer service skills in a fast-paced world? They can slow down, be friendly, and help people feel welcome. Once they have discussed any concerns with patients regarding a medication, they also need to be able to fill them quickly. This would enable them to be available to their customers while also not wasting other customer’s time. 

Availability of prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines is also a great way for companies to improve their customer service skills. Nothing is more frustrating than going across town to find some necessary medication, only to have to turn around and find another store in which to shop at.

The companies like the one found at still believe in being friendly and courteous to their customers. They carry a sufficient inventory and staff in order to meet the needs of everyone.

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