Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PTC Nightmare

For the nth time this morning I checked my Alertpay account. You see, I've been waiting for my payments in the various PTC (Paid to Click) Programs I've signed up with. But sadly not a single cent was added to the $3 I received from Neobux. I have reached the minimum payout of $10 for the site Foxcash, $12 for, $10 for Xclix, and another $10 for Earn3. All in the last week of July and I immediately requested for payment. I hope that I'll be paid this September but with all the DDOS attacks on several PTC sites and difficulty accessing most of these sites, I'm not even sure anymore if I would get paid. I hate to think that I spent countless hours clicking ads for nothing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm actually waiting until the end of September and if I don't get paid, I guess I'll just have to quit all these PTC sites altogether.

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