Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slice the Pie and Workfromhomehq

I never thought that there are a gazillion PTC (Paid to Click) and GPT (Get Paid To) sites out there. Whatever your interests are or whatever reason you may have for joining online earning sites, whether you want to earn enough money and be able to quit your day job or join just for the hang of it, there's always a site for you.

I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm searching for more money making sites and I've discovered two. I actually learned about these sites from fellow mylotters who just like me, never seem to get tired of looking for the perfect Get Paid to site.

The first site is SlicethePie. Sounds interesting enough doesn't it? It's a site where you get paid to rate and write reviews of featured bands' and/or solo singers' singles (tracks). It's also called scouting. Once you sign-up for free, you can do as many scouting as you like. You enter a 'Scout Room' and press play to listen to a track. You can only start rating and reviewing after 60 seconds of listening to the track. Rookie scouts or 1 star scouts earn 0.03 pounds per track. But the rate goes up as your scouting level increases. You can see the tips on scouting in the FAQs. I actually like the site itself because all the questions you can possibly think of are answered. It has this cool, funky, and young feel to it. They pay thru Paypal as soon as you reach 5 pounds. But beware, there are alot of really awful sounding bands you'd have to listen to. This site is promising though, so I guess I would have to make that teeny weeny sacrifice.

The other site is called Workfromhomehq. This site pays you for posting ads. It's actually a copy/paste job. Once you sign-up with them, you'd also have to sign-up with Craigslist.com because that's where you'll paste the ads. It may sound complicated but it's very easy. You'll have to listen to a 6-minute video tutorial by James Orr where he explains every step in detail. You get paid 0.15 cents per approved or verified posting. But the downside is you only get to post a maximum of 5 posts per day. Once you reach $20 you can request for payout thru Paypal.

I hope that signing-up with these sites are worth my time. I honestly have a strange feeling that they are.

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sweety said...

I am a member of both. I find them cool. But what I don't understand in slicethepie is how to give a good review. my review is equivalent to v.01. it's funny. I am a member of this blogger too. please comment on my blog too friend! thanks