Friday, September 24, 2010

Yugatech's Oldest Photo Contest

I love fashion and I adore accessories. I have a collection of earrings and bracelets that I can sell in a garage sale if I wanted to (but of course I wouldn't!). Eversince I was a small girl I've always been kikay. I always have and always will be. As you can see in my entry for Yugatech's oldest photo, I'm wearing a watch and I'm sure I have earrings on. Hehe. Plus, I have on this cute maroon tube top which makes it look as if I'm going somewhere when in fact I was just hanging out in my sister's room. I also love gadgets and I still remember taking my Sony walkman anywhere I went even if it's bulky (the photo says it all). By the way this was taken on September 21, 1981 when I was 8 years old. How time flies!

You can also share your oldest photo by joining Yugatech's oldest photo contest. Checkout for more details.

Contest ends on September 30.

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Coolbuster said...

Good luck Lourdes. Btw, we've added your blog in our roll.