Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Earnmailer and Earnsurfer

I signed up for accounts in and last month because earnings from those two sites can be converted to load. But they can also be exchanged via Paypal when your earnings reach $100. Earnings from both sites can be seen if you log in on either accounts.

You can earn in Earnsurfer by installing a browser extension/add-on and once installed, ads will be displayed on the Earnsurfer bar and you'll earn if you click and view the ad. As with, you just have to embed an ad on the email signature so all outgoing emails will automatically display an ad. The ad contains a unique code so can track all ad clicks and impressions coming from a member's outgoing, forwarded and even re-forwarded emails.

I've never tried claiming load but some of my friends already did. They said it's very easy and fast to redeem. In a couple of minutes they already received it. I'm still piling up my earnings so I can get more load.


J.Rye said...

Hi, hopping from facebook. New GFC follower.

Kai Grafia said...

oooh, thanks for sharing this sis! will see if this really works :)

Sumi Go said...

This is interesting. I've never joined any sites like these, but I'll definitely check these out and see if I can earn as well.. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

Sam Lanuza said...

Sounds interesting. :)

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...


Thanks for posting this. It can help a lot of people who wants to earn online!


melandria said...

i don't have any idea of this site , thanks for the info and will check this out , i needed extra money to pay for my domains, ha ha ha.

roviedear said...

wow i need this!! i need extra income haha :)

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