Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Deals at CashCashPinoy

I'm not very much into groupon deals, as a matter of fact I bought a voucher only once. It was a good deal though and I was able to use it without any problems. But I got interested a couple of days ago when I saw CashCashPinoy's amazing deals. They have a wide variety of vouchers in the following categories: Food and Dining, Electronics, Vacation and Travel, Beauty and Wellbeing, Home and Decor, Fashion and Accessories, Leisure and Lifestyle. It's as if I want to avail of all their deals!

It's totally free to sign up with CashCashPinoy and if you decide to buy something they have many payment options such as credit card, Paypal, GCash, bank deposit and 7-11. Another thing I like about them is that you can give them as a gift. Just click the "Send as Gift?" button and provide the name and email address of your friend or family member so their name will reflect on the voucher. Plus, shipping is free for bought items.


xoxoMrsMartinez | said...


I bought several deals online. It's easy and it saves you money, right?


Jammy Jam said...

yes for me they are much uhmm.. shall i say user friendly? they have lots of categories and very convenient for payment of course. :)

beingwell said...

Oh cool! I'm looking for an online shop!

Sumi Go said...

I'm a big fan of groupons and I've actually bought a ton from CashCashPinoy already.. haha.. :D

Anonymous said...

Glad you like our deals! And thank you for spreading the word to your friends!

Akit said...

I just hope that by posting a comment through your CashCash Pinoy Review, I will get a final response on their failure to replace a defective Delkin SP019 Speaker System that I purchased from them.

I have been communicating with their Ms. Maricar and Ms. Tin until they pulled-out the defective unit and after several follow-ups, they eventually replaced it with THE VERY SAME DEFECTIVE SPEAKER THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY DELIVERED.

I know this because I placed some identifying marks inside the box and it was the same box with the defective speaker. Still, I chose not to be negative and tested the speakers from my iPod and my laptop. Still, it was defective.

I do not know if they are trying to pull a fast one on me or are they simply ignorant about it? I have sent several emails again but to my disappointment, they have not given even the slightest squeak.