Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Bubblews Payment

I don't really post articles everyday in Bubblews only when I'm not busy with work. So it's such an amazing thing when I finally reached the minimum payout of $25. Less than a day after I redeemed, I received an email with a Paypal e-check saying that I'll receive the money in 5 - 7 days. Yesterday, the money was deposited in my account. Now I can surely say that this site pays and is totally legit. I hope I can post articles again as often as I want but I don't really have the luxury of time. I guess I'll just have to make time for this very promising website. 

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Rusale Baga said...

Good day.

Is it really good there? Are you still active in that site? I wanna join to share and to earn too.