Friday, July 12, 2013

Reviewing Products Through Tomoson

One of my goals as a blogger is to increase the number of my readers. The more readers or followers I have, the more I am able to relay whatever information I write. A sure way of getting people to follow your blog is to write interesting and useful content frequently. Another way is to hold easy giveaways. Signing up with enabled me to receive a free product for review and at the same time increased my followers because of the giveaway that came along with the review. 

In a nutshell, gives people and companies a chance to generate buzz about new products. Companies can sign up for an account and create promotions for a particular product. The product will be given away to any blogger that qualifies for the promotion. This is beneficial to both bloggers and companies because the bloggers get a free product while the company get their products talked about.

Qualifying for a promotion is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for a FREE account
  2. Search for a product/promotion to write a review about.
  3. Click "apply for promotion" and fill out the application form.

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