Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?

Nothing beats a hot beverage on a crisp fall or chilly winter day but hot drinks can be a hassle to make, especially when your hands are cold. With a K-Cup® compatible on demand brewing system you can craft all sorts of hot beverages with the press of a button - you may not even have to take off your mittens. On demand or single serve brewing systems make one cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverage at a time and they brew directly into a cup, mug, glass or travel mug. This is handy because there is no coffee pot to clean and no thermal carafe with a lid that's impossible to open and pour from even when your hands are warm.

K-Cup® Single Serve Coffee packs from, $9.99

No coffee pot means no warming plate and no warming plate means no worries about whether or not you remembered to unplug the coffee maker. It also means an end to scorched, bitter and stale coffee because you brew only what you need and not a drop more. Since the coffee brews into your cup it is fresh, hot, flavorful and ready to drink and enjoy indoors or out. On demand coffee makers generally can hold enough water to make as many as ten or twelve cups of coffee so you don't need to keep refilling the reservoir all that often.

K-Cup® style

There's no need to scoop or measure coffee or deal with messy coffee grounds or tea bags because the regular and decaffeinated coffees and teas all come in individually sealed single portion pods. There are also pods for specialty drinks like cider, chai latte and cocoa K-Cup® style; K-Cups® are the most popular and readily available coffee pods on the market.

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