Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fresh Breath With Swish

Since we were kids we have been indoctrinated to brush our teeth 3 times a day but not many of us have been taught about the importance of using mouth wash after brushing. This is an essential part of our oral hygiene that we should always practice. It strengthens our enamel, protects against cavities, removes plaque and tartar, and cleans areas around our mouth, jaws, and tongue that our toothbrush cannot reach. Furthermore, mouth wash kills bacteria and germs that causes bad breath, leaving our mouth smelling fresh. 

Using mouthwash has always been a habit of mine and my favorite brand happens to be Swish. That is why when the opportunity for a product review came along, I immediately grabbed it. Compared to other brands, Swish is cheaper so people, especially those who are on a budget, will be able to save more. I like the fact that it is alcohol-free so I do not get that painful burning sensation when I gargle and therefore am able to gargle longer. It also leaves me with long-lasting minty fresh breath everyday and all I need is 20 ml. of Swish twice a day to achieve that. They have different flavors such as Mangosteen Mint and Cinnamon Blast. I am currently using the Mangosteen Mint and I super love how it tastes on my mouth.

Swish also has the Breath Spray which freshens the breath in just 10 seconds. It is alcohol and sugar free as well, and all it takes is 1 to 2 pumps into the mouth to freshen breath right away. They come in two variants, the Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh. I actually like both variants and would use either one of them. I like that it is handy and can be placed even in my pocket so when the need for a quick breath fix arises, I can easily grab it and spray it on my mouth.

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