Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Manila Bankers Alleged Rewards Gift Certificate

Have you been scammed by unscrupulous people via text, email, or through your landline phone? I have been victimized once that's why I'm extra careful when it comes to people calling me and saying that I've won something even if I didn't actually join a contest. Yesterday I received a text message from Manila Bankers with this exact message:

Good day!

This is from MANILA BANKERS. We would like to inform that have been qualified to receive a FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE worth P10,280 and REWARDS plus a RAFFLE entry for a chance to win P50,000 cash. Please claim at 5/F Unit 501, VGP CENTER 6772 Ayala Ave. (beside BPI Head Office cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City).

Ref. # JVS 112587

For inquiries, you may call at:


Look for
Ms. Jane V. Lopez

Thank you & God Bless!


I received a phone call after about 10 minutes of receiving the text. The woman on the other line asked me what time I'll be visiting their office. Since I wanted to research more, I didn't confirm anything. I decided to just ignore the text since this might be a scam and I'd probably end up being "forced" to buy something that costs more than the gift certificate I allegedly won (Manila Bankers is an insurance company).

I posted this to warn other people. If you do receive a similar text, be careful on how you'll handle it. Earning money is so hard nowadays and to lose it to some scammers just like that would really suck.



yeth said...

thank you very much for the warning, so sorry and sad for those who do not have internet at home, how can they checked if they are being scammed. To GOD Be The Glory for those people who are doing these. They have families too who might save all their "Karmas".......tsk....tsk.....tsk.....

donna sadang said...

I think it's a scam, but I received call first then a text from them. But after reading the blogs about this scam, I am convinced not to go and claim the rewards. I won't risk my bank credentials just for this. Better to ignore this one. :)

bryan dandasan said...

thank you ......

Message from; MANILA BANKERS CLAIMING OFFICE Located@ 9th floor


Good day!

Your number was randomly selected as one of the lucky recipient of our company to receive 4 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS as part of our 'THANKS GIVING' that we conducted through referal program...

For inquiries,you may call your 'REFERENCE NUMBER'
or look for MS.SAM ORTIZ
(Releasing Officers) for assistance.
Sun: 09235060136
globe :09175333405

Thankyou & Godbless..

joseph reyes said...

They are still very active in this scheme. I myself victimized and a lot of others so beware... your credit cards, ATM cards are their prime target... they are very eager to swipe your cards to extract the amount contained therein and even get the numbers and other information from the card... Days of sleepless nights, loss of appetite, frustration, self blaming, anger and hatred, revenge & retaliation for the wrongdoers who have no conscience, callous hearts to what happens next to their helpless victims who parted unconsciously with their hard-earned money and in a single swap.

Cristina Cayco said...

Thank u po pls visit flicker marami po kayong mbabasa n navictimized nila. God see what they do to others karma goes in every way

Cathrine Sy said...

I received the same text message and call from Manila Bankers early this year, they convinced me to go to there office to claim the reward, since the person Ive talked to is convincing, i went there to claim it. the rewards are true but after that they presented a program but they say its optional, if I think its beneficial to me I can avail of it. But I was not obliged to get it if I dont want to. Ive realized that the program was quite good and beneficial to me thats why I took the offer. When I got home I was thinking twice because of the abrupt decision I make and I am quite worried because I might be a victim also. I went back there to clarify some things and they gave me contacts where I can verify if the transaction was legitimate. I called the number given to me and it was their Head Office, I verified and they said the transaction was valid and binding. I felt relieved and somewhat happy that it was not really a scam. There are a lot a scan scheme but I think the Office I went to is not one of those.


I WOULD LIKE TO TRY MYSELF IF ITS A SCAM...but i will not give any money

Tess A. said...

Just received a call this afternoon. The same strategy. I was skeptical to go to their office in Annapolis Ghills, so I did my research and voila there are more negative and warning messages from different blogs. I'm thankful to you all for sharing your sad and traumatic experiences. This blog serves as a warning for me not to go.

Post-it said...

Funny this post is from 2013 pa and I just recently got a call from Manila Bankers. Ang tagal na pala nilang nang sscam. Free airfare tickets to bankok and bora naman ang pang akit nila ngayon. And meron na rin silang office sa ortigas. Buti na lang nag google muna ko. Muntik na din ako mabiktima. Imbyerna. Thanks for this blog. Nakaiwas sa scam. Keep safe everyone.

Mey said...

I just received a call from them.. I ask the agent how she get our landline number, she told me someone referred my name and number. by then I can say its a scam because no one even our relatives know our landline number we just have our landline 2 days ago. She insisted that they are legit.. I scolded the girl and put the phone.

Unknown said...

They are still working..