Thursday, October 2, 2008

Get Paid to Post Sites

If you're the type who likes to chat, post discussions on forums and have an opinion on almost anything under the sun, signing up with get paid to post sites is definitely for you. Not only will you be able to do the things you like but you actually get paid for doing it. Here are three recommended sites:
1.) Mylot
Compared to other get paid to post sites, Mylot is kinda conservative in terms of payment. You only get paid 2 cents for every post that contains four to five lines and a cent for two to three liners. You also have to post relevant discussions. In Mylot quality is more important than quantity. Though it takes a long time to reach minimum payout which is $10, I still like this site because of the wide array of topics that can be discussed. From money matters to relationship problems to your favorite flavor of ice cream. Really anything. Plus, you get to meet alot of interesting people from all over the world. They pay via Paypal and Moneybookers.
2.) Web Trade Hut
I just signed up three days ago from this site and I'm already close to $3, spending like only an hour and a half per day. Another week and I'll probably reach the minimum payout of $10 already. An amazingly short time. Here in WTH, as most people call it, you get paid 4 cents for every thread you make and 3 cents for every posting. You're only allowed up to five threads in one day but unlimited posting. If you're after the money, you'll surely love this get paid to post site. They also use Paypal as their payment processor.
3.) Platinum Lounge
I love the look and feel of this site because it's young, fresh, and cool. Topics of discussions range from celebrity news, fashion, movies, music, sports etc. But they have the points system so I think it's quite hard to reach payout. Unless you have referrals, which earn you alot of points. Posting a thread gives you 50 points and replying in posts gives you 25 points. It doesn't matter how many lines you write, even one liners will earn you points. I'm a newbie here so I'm not so sure about the minimum payout. What I know is 10,000 points is equal to $1. They also pay via Paypal.