Friday, February 28, 2014

Only Swish

I've always been a sweet and affectionate person especially towards people I care most about. I believe that we should always show the person we love how happy we are that they're in our lives everyday not just on special occasions. So whenever I feel like it I kiss my better half and tell him I love him. So for me Valentine's Day is no different from other days. It's probably all that hype that makes it more romantic and the fact that we always have dinner at a swanky restaurant. Anyhow, during dates I never fail to bring with me a bottle of Swish mouthwash. Their 35 ml. bottle is so handy.

We all know that brushing alone can't kill bacteria and germs that cause bad breath. So we need to gargle with mouthwash after brushing. A quality product of Unilab, Swish is powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, removes plaque and tartar, and prevents gingivitis and other gum diseases. Swish always leaves my breath smelling fresh all day, everyday. Another reason why I like Swish is that it's alcohol-free so I don't get that painful burning sensation when I gargle and so I'm able to gargle longer. Plus, it's cheaper compared to other brands, so people on a budget will especially like it.

A few days ago I received several bottles of Swish mouthwash for review. I have the Icy Choco Mint (green) and Mangosteen Mint (pink) both in 250 ml. bottles, Icy Choco Mint in 120 ml., 2 bottles of Cinnamon Blast (red) in 35 ml., Mangosteen Mint in 35 ml., and a small, blue bag. I've tried all 3 variants but my favorite is Icy Choco Mint. I absolutely love how it tastes on my mouth (much like my favorite mint-flavored toothpaste). The minty flavor stays and becomes more pronounced as minutes go by. Swish has a Facebook page ( that people can visit if they want to know more about the best mouthwash in the market.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Amazing Ways Celebration Bermudagrass Benefits Your Yard

Are you tired of looking at your neighbor's rich green yard with envy? Yard envy is common in suburban towns all over the United States, but there is a solution. While you may think that your yard is undesirable because you lack certain landscaping skills, the true reason for your yard's failing performance could be the type of seed you are planting. Many homeowners that have struggled with maintaining a green, lush yard often find that planting Celebration Bermudagrass can revive their lawns in a spectacular way.

Shade Tolerant Seed

Many grass varieties need a certain amount of sun to thrive. This is one reason why homeowners may struggle to maintain their yards, especially if their yard is surrounded by trees and constantly fighting for sunlight when most of their yard is primarily in the shade. Seeding your yard with a shade tolerant grass is the best solution to this problem.  It should be mentioned, though, that Celebration seed is considered most tolerant for light to moderate shading. Therefore, if your home struggles to attract any sunlight during the peak of the day, you may want to consider a different variety.

Easy Planting Schedule

One reason that homeowners struggle to maintain their grass is that they miss the window of opportunity to seed their yard. Most grass varieties need to be planted in the early spring for the current season or the late fall for the next growing season. In general, seeding a yard in the summer is not ideal because the temperatures are too hot and there isn't enough rain to help the seed germinate. With Celebration grass, this isn't the case. It is a variety of grass that can easily be transplanted in the summer if you forget during the spring or you want to revive a patch of grass that succumbed to poor lawn maintenance.

Drought Tolerance

Are you a homeowner that forgets to water? Or, do you live in an area of the country that has water restrictions during the heat of the summer. If so, you need a drought-tolerant grass. Celebration Bermudagrass is the perfect type of grass for lawns that are thirsty and susceptible to drought.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Zalora Chic Finds

I love shopping at Zalora. They have a wide selection of products like clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products, sports items etc. from popular brands that are very affordable. I did my Christmas shopping there but haven't bought anything since then. So I visited the website again and saw some really fabulous items. I'm dying to buy these items and would probably do so this weekend. Here they are:

Multi Strap Studded Triple Tour Wrap Watch (P899)

Shoulder Bag with Stud Details on Both Sides (P2,299)

MANGO Zip Fitted Dress (P2,950)

CLN Coral Co-wallet (P699)

Check out Zalora for more of their awesome stuff and get a 15% OFF voucher code by simply entering ZBAPDs9  upon checkout to avail of the discount. 

Happy shopping!
*Voucher Code discount is not valid on sale items, tech accessories, mobile phones and watches.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Tips to Funeral Home Etiquette

If you are under a certain age, it is likely that funerals are not events that you frequent often. However, these are events that are very serious and your demeanor should reflect the mood of the funeral. It is hard to know how to act at funerals and they can often be very awkward for all of the guests. If you are attending a funeral at a venue like the Pace funeral home, here are some tips of etiquette that you should remember.

Sensitivity to Religious Views

If your friend or loved one was a very religious person, you should ask a family member or research his or her religious customs when it comes to death. If you try and side step a well-known custom, it could be very obvious and possibly offensive to some people. For example, some religions have a certain dress code that is considered customary and polite when you are going to a funeral. Some religions wear white, others wear black, and many do not have a dress code at all. Make sure you find out if this is something you should be worried about.


If in doubt, maintain a solemn demeanor throughout the event. Some people know that their funeral is coming and so they prepare an unorthodox funeral that is full of lighthearted music and jokes, but this is rare. Most of the survivors of the deceased person are going through a very hard time, so any jokes or loud laughing seems impolite and can be very hurtful to these people. It is best to look to the family of the deceased and follow their attitude about the funeral. If everyone is sharing funny stories about your loved one, feel free to chime in, but otherwise, have respect for the deceased’s memory.

It is also considered polite to talk to the family of the deceased and pay your respects. Offer to help with taking down the event or bring by food later. This is a very difficult time for family members so try to be helpful in any way that you can. If you have any questions about an upcoming funeral, you can contact a venue like the Pace funeral home.

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How to Keep Your Car Cool

If you live in a place like Austin that experiences a significant amount of sunshine the majority of the year, then you are probably looking for the best way to keep your car cool. During those frequent sunny days, the sun’s UV rays can quickly elevate your car’s interior temperature to an extremely uncomfortable level, which means that when you get into your car you are probably always dealing with burning hot seats, steering wheel, and seat belt clips as well as oppressively hot air. These kinds of conditions make driving in your car an unbearable, sweaty event. There are a few different options that you could try to make your car more comfortable and cool, but one option that has many benefits over the others is tinting your car windows. If you are looking at different options for maintaining vehicle temperatures or considering having your windows tinted, you can find out more from the professionals on a website like

Why Choose Tinting?

Window tinting offers some unique advantages over other temperature maintenance options. Most commonly, people depend on their car’s air conditioner for cooling down their car. The downside to air conditioning, though, is that it takes a long time for the air coming out of an air conditioner to cool down and, after the air has cooled, it still takes a long time for that air to effectively cool down your entire vehicle. Tinted windows, on the other hand, actually prevent your car from being heated up by the sun’s rays in the first place. This means that your car doesn’t get as hot in the first place so that your air conditioning doesn’t take nearly as long to bring your vehicle to a cool temperature. It also means that you don’t have to keep on the air conditioning to maintain that cool temperature because your tinted windows will block the sun’s rays from reheating the interior temperature of your vehicle. Also, unlike other methods for blocking out the sun’s rays (like windshield sun shades), tinting can be applied to all of your windows instead of just protecting your windshield from letting in heat rays. If you want more information on window tinting for your vehicle, you can visit

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alcohol Rehab Programs Aim for a Lifelong Recovery

Not everyone who likes a few beers is an alcoholic. However, the risks of becoming a full-blown addict are higher when a taste for wine, vodka, brandy, and other drinks has already been developed. Social drinkers can develop an unhealthy drinking habit when sudden, taxing changes in their lives occur. Stressful situations include job loss, the death of a child or other loved one, an unexpected breakup, divorce, the news of a devastating illness, and the inability to cope with retirement. Alcoholics are usually unable to recover on their own. They need medical treatment, which includes alcohol rehab at a treatment and recovery institute. The following information will touch on alcoholism and rehabilitation programs.

Understanding the Disease

Alcoholism is viewed as a treatable disease. It can be cured with the right help. Unfortunately, treatments will only work when alcoholics can admit that they have a serious drinking problem, and that they truly wish to get better. Innovative recovery programs will fail if an addict is pressured. Before long, the signs of alcohol abuse will reappear.

Signs of Alcoholism

Not everyone sneaking a drink is an alcoholic. Some people just had a bad day, and want to forget about it. A problem arises when every day of the week causes anxiety, and the drinking never seems to stop. Signs of alcoholism include the following:

·    Headaches
·    Insomnia or fatigue
·    Anxiety and depression
·    Excessive sweating
·    Loss of appetite
·    Extreme weight gain or loss
·    Jumpiness and irritability
·    Lack of personal hygiene

Alcoholics tend to withdraw from social life because they do not want to get caught. They neglect their responsibilities, are often late, or find excuses not to show up at all.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment options are suggested after new patients are examined thoroughly. Each situation is different, and programs have to be selected accordingly. For instance, adolescent alcoholics act differently than seniors. That has to be taken into account. Rehabilitation and recovery plans may include the following:

·    Group therapy
·    Focusing and eliminating the cause of the disease
·    Individual treatment sessions
·    Educating and involving the family

Each male and female alcohol rehab participant responds differently to therapeutic programs. Some people react faster to treatment than others. That is one of the reasons why it is impossible to predict how long a recovery will take, and to be patient.

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Housing at WKU: What’s Right for You?

Are you looking for housing at WKU? For most people, it is hard to decide where to start when they are looking for a place to live near WKU. There are a lot of options out there to choose from, so how do you narrow down your choices? Where do you start? Well, there are some important apartment features that you can decide on that will help you narrow down your search field and find something that is right for you. Here are a couple of things that you can think about when you are looking for housing.

Choosing a Price Range

Probably the first thing you should decide on when looking for housing is how much you can afford to pay. You don’t want to waste time looking at apartments that you can’t afford, and you definitely don’t want to find a place you love only to realize you could never make the monthly rent payments. For these reasons, you will want to figure out a price range before you start checking out places to live. Figuring out what you can afford to pay on housing can be difficult, but it’s very important that you take the time to look at your budget and necessary expenses to come up with a realistic housing budget that you can afford to pay every month.

Choosing between Privacy and a Roommate

Next, you will also want to decide if you want to share your bedroom with a roommate or if you need a private room. A lot of people share a room with a roommate during college because there are a lot of social benefits to having a roommate. However, many people also choose to live in private rooms. With a private room, you can still have the social benefits of sharing an apartment with other students, but you can also maintain your space and privacy. A private room can be very advantageous for someone who has trouble concentrating and needs privacy and quiet when they are studying and working on school work. Also, with a private room you have a lot more storage space for all your things, which can help you make your new apartment feel comfortable and just like home. You will want to consider which rooming option is better for you when you are looking at what different options for housing at WKU have to offer you.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nail Art Again

I'm totally loving my nails courtesy of Nailaholics in SM Sucat! If I can only change my polish every week, I would do so. But with my busy schedule how can I.