Monday, August 18, 2014

Always Fresh With Priva Intimate Wash

Let's face it, when you know you look good you become more confident. When people give you admiring glances you can't help but be flattered and this naturally boosts your self-confidence. You don't have to be super pretty to get noticed though. All you need are nice clothes that will accentuate your femininity and bring out your strong points. The clothes don't even have to be expensive or branded as long as they're neat, not old-fashioned, and fits you like a glove. As a matter of fact, I personally go for the classic style, a simple yet well-put together ensemble because this never goes out of style unlike trendy clothes that may no longer be cool after a few months. I also like to accessorize. I never leave home without earrings, some arm-candy, and necklace. All of these, of course, must go well with the clothes. Along with the outfit, I also put on a little makeup just to brighten up my otherwise pale face. Well-groomed hair with a modern style will likewise get you noticed.      

But these aren't the only things that will make you more confident. A woman should always practice good hygiene and this includes keeping our intimate parts clean and smelling good all the time. Using a feminine wash that doesn't cause irritation and is truly effective on you is a must. A quality product of Unilab, Priva is the first and only cooling wash because it has Revitacool, a special ingredient that leaves a tangible cooling effect. This is absolutely necessary because cooling is still one of the drivers for freshness and cleanliness when it comes to using feminine wash.

Priva comes in two variants namely Priva Skin Lightening and Cooling and Priva Skin Firming and Cooling. They have superior product formulation with tried and tested ingredients. The Skin Lightening and Cooling has gluthathione and strawberry extracts specially effective in lightening dark areas of the skin. It also contains Revitacool. You'll notice skin lightening in just two weeks. The Skin Firming and Cooling is formulated with collagen, a firming ingredient and natural extracts of Kwao Krua, a herbal root found in Thailand, which is great in improving skin elasticity and firmness. It likewise has Witch Hazel extracts that help retain skin's natural moisture as well as Revitacool. In six weeks, you'll get the results you want.

Priva Intimate Wash is clinically tested and is safe for everyday use. To know more about this wonderful product, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages and watch any of their videos on Youtube.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Curtain Rises for The Theatre at Solaire

Solaire Resort and Casino announces the opening of THE THEATRE at Solaire this November; a new state-of-the-art, certified lyric theatre in the heart of Entertainment City. This majestic performance venue boasts of an astronomical line-up of performance artists and events; both local and international, in the months to come.

THE THEATRE at Solaire opens its doors for the holidays with the first International Broadway show CHICAGO from December 2 to 21, 2014. This spectacular opening and amazing entertainment line-up for The Theatre signifies the continuance of Solaire’s contribution to the flourishing arts and performance scene in the Entertainment City.

Visit for details.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Money in the Bank!

I've been busy with so many things I can't even update my blog for even just a minute. Anyhow, I'd like to thank for the extra moolah. I got paid again this week. It isn't much but it can pay for my phone bill.