Thursday, December 10, 2015

ShopBack's 12.12 Online Fever Sale

I've been so busy with work and many other things that I barely noticed that Christmas is just around the corner. I haven't even bought a single gift and if it weren't for online shopping I definitely would have gone crazy with worry since time is fast running out. There're a couple of online stores where I regularly shop in like Zalora and Lazada. When my laptop suddenly died on me last month, I bought a new one at Lazada and a laptop bag as well. But shopping online can mess up your budget. Good thing there's ShopBack, a website that source the best deals and discounts for you on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and many more. They then give you cashback on top of existing voucher codes and discounts when you shop online (through their site) at any of their 300+ merchant stores. As one of Southeast Asia's largest and fastest growing online loyalty platform, they reward shoppers with up to 30% cashback. 

Since your cashback is unlimited and the more you spend, the more you earn your money back, buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones became even more exciting. Furthermore, ShopBack's 12.12 Online Fever Sale has kicked off with amazing deals across fashion, travel, food, tech, and many more. It features up to 95% off big online shops as well as increased cashback up to 17%, plus exclusive coupon codes. Doesn't that sound great?! I know you're all itching to shop already and want to get all of it done before it's too late. So head on to and sign up now if you haven't done so. It really is the most rewarding way to shop online.