Sunday, October 18, 2015

CrowdSource Payout

Thank you CrowdSource for this! Not bad for 2 days of work.

Monday, October 5, 2015

My New Asus Netbook

I've been putting off buying a new laptop for the longest time since I'm still saving up enough money to purchase something in cash instead of relying again on my credit card. Unfortunately, that I had to do last week because my netbook died on me. I've had my computer since 2010 so the battery really needed to be replaced. The only reason why I was still able to use it was because I always had it plugged. I felt kinda sad and anxious when it wouldn't turn on because it happened at a time when there's so much work to be done. I had deadlines here and there. But it served its purpose for 5 years so I had to let it go :( . 

I borrowed my nephew's laptop to be able to work while waiting for the new lappie I bought at Lazada Philippines. I didn't really need a very sophisticated laptop, just something that can do enough. My order arrived after 2 days, on a Sunday. I didn't know that Lazada delivered on Sundays so this was another feather on their cap. Anyway, my black Asus X102BA-DF040H 2GB AMD A4-1200 10.1" Touchscreen netbook is working just fine. Here are some of its specifications:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 
CPU (model and speed): AMD Temash Dual Core A4-1200 1.0 GHz RAM and Hard Disk Drive
2GB RAM and 500 GB HDDGraphics
Intel HD Graphics Memory and expandability options
500 GB HDDConnectivity options
Ethernet LAN, WiFi
Bluetooth Camera Resolution (MP)
HD Webcam

Additional Information:

Battery type and charge (mAh): 3-cell Li-on Battery
Optical drive (CD): SuperMulti DVD burner
Power Consumption:  220V / 60Hz

P.S.   I bought this for only Php 13,499 (inclusive of VAT) plus free shipping (such a steal!).