Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fresh Breath With Swish

Since we were kids we have been indoctrinated to brush our teeth 3 times a day but not many of us have been taught about the importance of using mouth wash after brushing. This is an essential part of our oral hygiene that we should always practice. It strengthens our enamel, protects against cavities, removes plaque and tartar, and cleans areas around our mouth, jaws, and tongue that our toothbrush cannot reach. Furthermore, mouth wash kills bacteria and germs that causes bad breath, leaving our mouth smelling fresh. 

Using mouthwash has always been a habit of mine and my favorite brand happens to be Swish. That is why when the opportunity for a product review came along, I immediately grabbed it. Compared to other brands, Swish is cheaper so people, especially those who are on a budget, will be able to save more. I like the fact that it is alcohol-free so I do not get that painful burning sensation when I gargle and therefore am able to gargle longer. It also leaves me with long-lasting minty fresh breath everyday and all I need is 20 ml. of Swish twice a day to achieve that. They have different flavors such as Mangosteen Mint and Cinnamon Blast. I am currently using the Mangosteen Mint and I super love how it tastes on my mouth.

Swish also has the Breath Spray which freshens the breath in just 10 seconds. It is alcohol and sugar free as well, and all it takes is 1 to 2 pumps into the mouth to freshen breath right away. They come in two variants, the Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh. I actually like both variants and would use either one of them. I like that it is handy and can be placed even in my pocket so when the need for a quick breath fix arises, I can easily grab it and spray it on my mouth.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

eFoxCity: The Fun Way to Shop

Shopping is fun and is a nice way to relieve stress. So whenever I feel like everything's closing down on me and I want to feel happy again, I just shop. I happen to like a lot of online stores but is one that I regularly visit. It's a leading supplier of wholesale clothes for a lot of wholesalers and boutiques worldwide and is based in China. Among the items they sell are dresses, special occasion dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, wedding dresses, jewelry, and accessories. Not only do they cater to women, they also sell wholesale men's clothes. 

eFoxCity delivers to most countries around the world via Registered Air Mail (Standard Shipping), DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx and TNT. They have many payment options such as Paypal, wire transfer, and Western Union. On top of the many items they have, they have an Affiliate Program where you can earn a 12% commission on all referred sales. They also have a Fashion Blogger Program wherein bloggers may get free clothing worth $20 to $200 every month if their blogs qualify in exchange for reviewing the products they get. Not only can you shop for fabulous apparel at eFoxCity, you also get the opportunity to earn extra money. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?

Nothing beats a hot beverage on a crisp fall or chilly winter day but hot drinks can be a hassle to make, especially when your hands are cold. With a K-Cup® compatible on demand brewing system you can craft all sorts of hot beverages with the press of a button - you may not even have to take off your mittens. On demand or single serve brewing systems make one cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverage at a time and they brew directly into a cup, mug, glass or travel mug. This is handy because there is no coffee pot to clean and no thermal carafe with a lid that's impossible to open and pour from even when your hands are warm.

K-Cup® Single Serve Coffee packs from, $9.99

No coffee pot means no warming plate and no warming plate means no worries about whether or not you remembered to unplug the coffee maker. It also means an end to scorched, bitter and stale coffee because you brew only what you need and not a drop more. Since the coffee brews into your cup it is fresh, hot, flavorful and ready to drink and enjoy indoors or out. On demand coffee makers generally can hold enough water to make as many as ten or twelve cups of coffee so you don't need to keep refilling the reservoir all that often.

K-Cup® style

There's no need to scoop or measure coffee or deal with messy coffee grounds or tea bags because the regular and decaffeinated coffees and teas all come in individually sealed single portion pods. There are also pods for specialty drinks like cider, chai latte and cocoa K-Cup® style; K-Cups® are the most popular and readily available coffee pods on the market.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Shopping at Chicify

Since I love online shopping so much I constantly search the net for stores to shop in. I recently read this article entitled Top 10 Online Boutiques (2012 Edition) and I told myself that I have to shop at least once at all ten stores just to see if they indeed are the best among the rest. I checked each of them and I like the items at Chicify and AVA the most. However, shopping at AVA would somehow break the bank since most of the items have designer labels (both international and local). Unlike in Chicify where the price range is from P96-P2,500. You can definitely shop for more items at this store and I'm telling you, they have some of the chicest clothes and accessories I've seen. Plus, mostly are Filipino-made. Shoppers can buy clothes, accessories, bags, swimwear, shoes, kiddie wear, and lifestyle products at Chicify. They also have a lot of payment options such as PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, BancNet ATM Card Thru PesoPay, BDO, Metrobank, Smart Money, and Globe GCash.

The other online stores worth checking out are Martina Martina, Clothes for the Goddess, Peace Love Fashion, Proudrace, Style Hub, Soleil Flats, and Vantan Manila.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

AhaIshopping Giveaway

If you love shopping as much as I do, you will definitely love AhaIshopping. It is a Korean street style clothing online store that caters to women. They have a wide selection of apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelery, and beauty products. In business since 2011, AhaIshopping is now one of the most sought after online stores. Products are updated everyday so you are sure to get only the latest trends and styles in fashion. The store's goal is to provide women of all ages with fashionable clothes that they can proudly show off, where ever in the world they may be. 

AhaIshopping's products are all affordable. Click the $9.99 Free Shipping tab and you will see all the items such as dresses, shirts, blouses, shorts, skirts, pants etc. sold for only $9.99. AhaIshopping provides free shipping worldwide with 30 days unconditional return.

Now on with the giveaway:

Prize:  $15 cash bonus to be used at AhaIshopping.


1. Like them on Facebook:
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5. Comment below your Facebook name and the *URL of 2 items that you want to win.


Contest Duration: 3 weeks
Number of Winners:

This contest is open worldwide.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Staying Trendy With Firmoo Free Glasses This August

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