Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Freeway Online Shopping

I love shopping online but I haven't experienced buying anything at Freeway's online store. But when I saw their items, I told myself I'm definitely gonna shop ASAP. It's a good thing that they accept credit cards through Paypal since the ones I like are quite pricey. Other modes of payment include bank deposits through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Banco de Oro (BDO), and money transfer via M Lhuillier. They also accept cash-on-delivery (COD) for a minimum purchase of P1,000 (excluding shipping fee).

Shipping rate is P100 per order for delivery anywhere in the Philippines. Shipping is free for orders above P1,500. Once your order has been processed, the items will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days for Metro Manila and within 4 to 7 business days for provinces.

Here are the ones I'm dying to buy:

Freeway Square-neck Printed Dress (P1,595)

Freeway Sleeveless Striped Knit Dress  (P1,195)

Freeway Mixed Prints Sleeveless Halter Top (P1,095)

Freeway X San Pedro Long Sleeved Woven Workshirt (P1,499.75)
Freeway X Juan Luna Loose Printed Top (P1,199.75)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Appliance Maintenance: Caring for a Disposal

If used properly, a sink garbage disposal can be a great asset in the home. You can get rid of food that would otherwise stink up the garbage. However, many people abuse their garbage disposal, thinking that they can do whatever they want to it and that it doesn't require any maintenance. As a result, the disposal can break and wear down much more quickly. If this happens, you can call for appliance repair in Sterling Heights. However, you can avoid some problems and help your disposal last longer if you know how to properly care for it and keep it maintained.

Disposal Maintenance

First, know what you can and cannot put down the disposal. It is for small, soft bits of food that can easily be chopped up. Anything hard or sharp, such as bones, should not be put down the disposal. If you are ever in doubt, choose to put it in the trash instead. You can always keep smelly items that need to be kept cold in the refrigerator until trash day. Putting these things in the disposal can cause the blades to dull quickly, or can even break the disposal.

If you have something large you want to put down the disposal, you should cut it up first. Do not put compostable items in the disposal, such as banana peels. Things that are starchy or have a lot of fiber can get tangled up in the blades, which will stop the disposal from working. The same thing will happen if you put too much in at once.

You can keep the disposal in better condition, and the sink smelling fresh, by cleaning the disposal regularly. Turn the disposal off and make sure it will not turn back on. Wipe down the rubber inside the disposal. This is what can often smell. You can throw ice down the disposal occasionally to break up debris and help it work more efficiently. If you make ice cubes from citrus juice or vinegar, it will give you better results for the smell as well. You can also cut up citrus peels and put them down the disposal to help it smell better.

If you ever notice anything odd about your disposal, do not use it. Call for appliance repair in Sterling Heights and make sure it is looked at by a professional to ensure everything is safe and working properly. If there is something wrong, it should be fixed.

This is a guest post provided to Me, Myself & the City for its readers.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shopping on a Budget

Times are tough. Everything seems so pricey while workers' salaries stay the same. Even if I want to save some money I'm unable to because nothing or very little is left after paying my bills and buying all my essentials. Whenever I dine out I use my credit card which I know I shouldn't be doing (good thing I don't go out that often). I don't want to accumulate too much credit card debt so I control how often I use it. I'm sure others are in the same predicament and are wondering how they can shop for clothes without breaking the bank.

Shop at discount chains and you'll surely get great deals on clothes, shoes, accessories etc. But make sure that you only buy things that you need since we have a tendency to buy unnecessary things when we see that items are cheap. Try shopping online since most items you see online are way cheaper than those you see at a brick and mortar store. Oftentimes, when you sign up for email newsletters from retailers they'll give you discount coupons and keep you updated on their latest deals and sales.

Try very hard to shop only with cash. Leave your credit card at home and never buy things that you can't afford. Another tip is to buy quality pieces that you can update around rather than buy clothes that are in trend since some trends seem to pass quickly. Build a wardrobe around one or two color families. Always keep your current wardrobe in mind when you shop and never purchase anything that won't fit with at least two or three other items that you own.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Social Spark Payout

In the years that I've been a member of Social Spark not once did I receive any opportunity, although there've been several leads. That's why when I checked my account (which I do about once a month), and saw that my current balance now amounts to 954 points, I got curious and decided to withdraw the amount. I had no idea how I got those points so I did a little research. I looked at my Points Earned Transaction History under the Account tab and saw that the points were from ad payments. It would have been better if I received opportunities which would have easily earned me at least 400 points per opportunity. But I can't really complain that much since I got those points without doing anything and even if the amount is small, that's still money in my Paypal account and something that you won't easily see in the streets (as the saying goes). Every point is equivalent to one cent so my accumulated points amount to $9.54. You can cash out your earnings to Paypal at any time but if you have less than $50 accumulated, Social Spark will deduct a $2 fee from your earnings.

Anyhow, if you want to earn some money through your blog just visit Social Spark.