Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Earning Easy Money

I bought the 2017 Belle De Jour Power Planner not just because I needed an organizer and I wanted the discount coupons but also because of the numerous articles that come with it. There're lots of advice and tips about financial matters and life in general. I want to share one of the articles because I know it will be useful to many specially those who want to earn some extra money. It's actually about earning during Christmas but it's something that applies all year round, even if it's not the holiday season. 

Quick Tips to Earning Easy Money:

The holidays are fast approaching and shopping deals are waiting to be explored. If you're a little strapped for cash for Christmas gifts for the cherished people in your life, why not try your hand in some quick and easy ways to earn more?

1.) Share your skills.  Spread the word about your mad Photoshop skills and offer to design holiday greeting cards, letters, and party invitations for family and friends. But if writing is more your speed, then compile all your past works and send them to freelance writing sites, online and print publications, and popular bloggers who need content contributors. 

2.) Cook up a storm. Baking and cooking during the holiday season are surefire ways to book paying clients who want to give out edible Christmas gifts. Be sure to check out Youtube hits and Pinterest for sweet and yummy inspiration.

3.) Party on. Event assistant and party host are also other possible souces of extra income you could explore. There's always an event organizer who needs on-the-day event assistants who don't mind waking up extra early for ingress and going to bed late after egress. You could even encourage your friends to join you! The event organizer might even ask you to co-host if you offer to do so.