Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Vivo V17 Pro’s Dual Selfie Camera Lets Users “Shoot Beyond Limits” Shoot Beyond Limits With Vivo V17 Pro Dual Front Camera, Exclusive Selfie Apps

There was a time when taking selfies was as basic as capturing one’s close-up image, often to highlight an appearance or a spectacular scenery in the background. While selfie shooters yearned to capture more elements in their frames, they were limited mostly by the technology of the front-facing cameras at that time.

In recent years, advancements in optics technology and software development have given birth to front-facing cameras that offer better resolution and image quality, as well as AI-enhanced photography apps. These, in turn, have transformed selfie shooting, from a mere trend, to a skill, even an artform.

Today, companies like Vivo, are taking the lead in pioneering technology that enhances the smartphone experience. This includes taking selfie shooting to new and higher levels.

Just a few months after unveiling its V15 Pro with the world’s first 32MP elevating selfie camera and an AI triple rear camera, the leading global technology company has already launched V17 Pro, the second flagship smartphone in its V series of midrange smartphones.

Now, improving from its predecessor, the V17 Pro boasts of another world’s first, an exclusive pair of front cameras—a 32MP main camera with f/2.0 aperture and 8MP 105-degree super-wide-angle camera—which ensures clearer and fuller selfies, in whatever environment.

Much like the V15’s selfie optics, the V17 Pro’s dual front cameras are tucked behind the smartphone’s notch-less Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display, nestled in a wide pop-up mechanism that elevates as quickly as it retracts.

With the premium smartphone’s dual elevating selfie camera, users will never need selfie sticks to capture “groufies” or the splendid panoramic view behind them. All they have to do is access the super-wide-angle camera and “shoot beyond limits”.

For nighttime selfies, the front camera gets ample support from Selfie Softlight that lights up dark images and an exclusive Super Night Selfie mode which captures and combines multiple frames into one image to make one’s face stand out, especially in low-light conditions.

There is also a “Pose Master” feature which suggest several poses to match various photo scenes and backgrounds, to make one’s selfies even more creative.

Aside from its elevating dual selfie camera and AI powered and enhanced selfie apps, the V17 Pro also boasts of AI quad rear cameras—48MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle, 2MP bokeh, and 2MP super macro camera—which can capture super macro images from a distance of just 4 cm., and super wide clear images, even in dark surroundings.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Inpods 12 Airpods i12 TWS Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

I'm tired of my earphones getting tangled every time I use them. It sometimes distracts me from what I'm watching or listening to. So I decided to  buy  wireless earphones. The cute ones you  see  all  the  time in Instagram. Since there're so many online stores offering the same model of earphones, I didn't buy right away.  Instead, I  looked around for  the most  budget-friendly price. There were  stores that sold  them  for  Php900  to  Php1,500  which,  if  you're like me whose quite thrifty, would find rather expensive. I also checked Lazada and Shopee because I know that they sell items at affordable prices. I finally found "the one" at Shopee for only Php399. It's such a steal! 

The Inpods 12 Airpods i12 TWS Macaron Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphones is a stylish, cute, and colorful bluetooth 5.0 wireless earphone. It's ultra-small so you can take it anywhere and can fit in your pockets. It has a matte finish, scratch proof, and has an anti-fingerprint design. It's so comfortable to use because it fits into your ear perfectly. It comes with a 400 mAh charging box for long duration. This airpods has finger-touch control, quick auto pairing, and is compatible with Windows, iOS and Andoid system. 


3D Surround Sound and double-cavity sound holes
Built-in microphone for in-car or sports hands-free calls
Portable charging case and long battery life 
Wide compatibility 
Latest bluetooth V5.0+ EDR 
Range of use can be up to 33 ft. 
Support iOS/Android/Windows system
Noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise and echo
Compatible with iPhone/iPad and Android Phone TV box and other brand mobile phones 
Working Range: 10 meters
Talk Time: 4 hours
Music Playback Time: 3 hours
Standby Time: 120 hours
Charging Time: 1 hour
Battery capacity: earphone 40 mAh, charging box 350 mAh  

Monday, September 23, 2019

Nails For The Week

I have been really busy with work and other stuff that is why I do not seem to have the time to post anything here in my blog. I have to keep this really simple since I have tons of deadlines today. I cannot resist sharing the way my nails look for this week though. You know how much of a sucker I am for nail polishes, nail art and stickers etc.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Home Remedies To Remove Blackheads

I hate blackheads because they look unsightly. I don't have any acne but I do have blackheads. I'm not the type who goes to a salon every week or month for that matter. Only when I feel like it which definitely should not be the way to go. What can I say?! I'm quite lazy when it comes to beauty matters. :) If you guys want blackheads-free skin, have a facial every 3 months. But if you're on a budget or don't have much time, there are home remedies you can try to remove blackheads.

1.)  Use one tsp. of lemon juice and one tsp. of ground cinnamon as a scrub. Use this daily and see the results after a month.

2.)  Apply a mixture of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey.

3.)  Apply warm honey for about 15 minutes. You can also combine it with sugar to be used as a scrub. 

4.)  Apply fresh mashed tomato on the affected areas daily. 

5.)  Use oil-free moisturizers. 

6.)  Mix some lemon juice, yoghurt, oatmeal, and olive oil. Apply this paste on your blackheads.

7.)  Combine vinegar and cornstarch and apply on your nose and other affected areas.

8.)  Take the pulp of grapes and apply it on the nose. Let it dry thoroughly and then rinse your face with warm water.

9.)  Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Dazzling Nails via The Fab Nails Online Store

I've been so busy with work and other stuff that I haven't been going to the salon as much as I want to. I've always been kinda obsessed with having nice nails so I put on nail polish and at times go to a salon for nail art. But since my schedule is quite hectic, I instead bought a cute set of artificial nails from The Fab Nails online store. I miss having fancy nails so the nails at the store really caught my attention right away. There're many different designs, styles, and shapes for everyone. Whatever personality you have, there's definitely a design that'll suit you. 

It's easy to put on the artificial nails, and they're reusable in case it comes off. The fake nails can also be trimmed and painted with nail polish like real nails. There's a detailed instruction at the back of the box so you'll have fab looking nails in minutes.