Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saving 101

We're living in tough times. With prices of almost all basic commodities rising, as well as gasoline and energy, we should start learning how we can at least save on some things. Here's a list of some energy saving tips that I hope will help:

  1. Instead of using airconditioners, use electric fans and evaporative coolers instead. They consume only 1/4 the energy of airconditioners. If you don't want to use electric fans, make sure that the airconditioner filters are clean because dirty filters block airflow through your heating and cooling systems, increasing your energy bill.
  2. Turn off lights, computers or laptops, TVs and other gadgets when not in use. Unplug DVD players, TVs, and other electronic appliances when not in use.
  3. Hang clothes to dry using indoor drying racks or outside on clotheslines. Check for leaks in faucets and save gallons of water.
  4. Activate sleep features on laptops and other electronic equipment that power down when not in use for a while. Turn off equipment during longer periods of non-use to cut energy costs and improve longevity. Unplug chargers, digital cameras, and other personal gadgets.
  5. Drive the most economical car you have most often if you have more than one car. Avoid hard braking, accelerate gently and drive at a steady speed. By doing this, you can save up to 30% on your fuel bills. Consider car pooling and combine multiple trips into one journey. Keep tires inflated to the correct pressure because under inflated tires can cause up to 6% increase in fuel consumption.

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