Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Musings

Christmas is fast approaching and I can't feel the season's spirit yet. Time just flies so fast and I was a bit surprised when it sunk in that it's the first day of December and there's only 24 days left until Christmas Day. I haven't even bought a single gift for my family and friends. I feel it a bit when I go out and traffic's really bad. But not so much since it's always traffic here in the metro. I went to Newport Mall yesterday and there were minimal decors yet.

What I'm really excited about this month is the fact that my eldest sister and her family are coming home for a very brief, 5-day vacation. It would be a long time until we'll see them again because they're returning to the US after their 3 year-stay in China. I'm a bit sad about that. Anyhow, I'm already thinking of the places where we could eat. I really should start my shopping since I have to give gifts to my nieces.

I hope you guys are already feeling the Christmas spirit. Just a thought: forgive those who have done you wrong, be civil to your enemies, share your blessings to less fortunate people and last but not the least, always thank God for His undying love.


jared's mum said...

Time does fly so sure, the Christmas spirit will catch up on us very soon, too! :)

nicquee said...

I know Christmas time should not be equated with money but how can you celebrate if you have none right? That's how I am feeling right now. I have not purchased any gifts yet too because of that.

I wish there will be more direct advertisers soon!