Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

I love watching TV. When I'm not working I'd rather watch TV than go out and go clubbing. My being a couch potato makes me an expert in the TV shows that are currently airing. I love CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, House, Private Practice, NCSI Los Angeles, and a lot more. There are new shows that are airing now which I also love like The Walking Dead, New Girl, Grimm, and 2 Broke Girls.

1.) The Walking Dead - this is based on a comic series which is about a group of survivors led by Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes and his family. I love this show because it's suspenseful and really scary. But sometimes the very graphic and gory scenes get to me. It's something that children should not watch or else they'll have nightmares.

2.) New Girl - a story about Jess Day, a girl getting over her ex boyfriend who cheats on her. She then lives with 3 guys who eventually become her good friends. This sitcom is really funny. I love Zooey Deschanel. Even the guys are good. The episodes are very entertaining and you don't seem to notice the time when you're watching it.

3.) Grimm - A crime drama series about a homicide detective who sees monsters. I like the episodes which are rather interesting. I'd like to see if he has special powers to fight off these monsters.

4.) 2 Broke Girls - This is about two waitresses in New York who happen to become good friends eventhough their personalities are so different from each other. The other one is street smart while the other one is a former socialite who becomes bankrupt because of her father and is forced to work as a waitress to support herself. I love how each episode unfolds and the two girls are really funny.


Hazel said...

I'd give anything right now to watch Grimm. I'm weird that way, and wish I have enough time to watch TV shows. Broke Girls sounds like a show I would like to watch too.

Leah. said...

Nice picks!

I'm a huge fan of the TV show, Supernatural. Though takot ako sa horror movies, nakaya ko namang panoorin tong suspense/horror TV series na to.

CSI shows are sooooo unreal! They could find clues and solve crim mysteries in just a couple of days! But I love them, anyway. lol.

I love the NEW GIRL! Totally.. I adore Zooey. She's so funny and cute! And I love Schmidt, as well. haha..

TWD is way to gory for me. Hindi ko kaya. haha!

Gayle Sabiano said...

I'm a follower of CSI, Criminal minds and House but recently, due to time constraint, can't watch anymore. the 2 Broke Girls looks interesting. Will check it out, hihi!

mary mary quite contrary said...

We have the same favorite series though most is new to me, but thanks for blogging about it you gave me an idea :)