Friday, November 25, 2011

Slow Sun Broadband Internet Connection

Since I have tons of things to do online everyday (it's my means of livelihood), it's a must that I have a fast and reliable internet connection. I'm almost online the whole day. I was so frustrated last night when I tried connecting to the internet and was unable to. My Sun Broadband USB stick which I'm paying P799 per month for went wonky on me. Loading took so long and I got disconnected so much. I didn't call their customer service right away since I thought the matter will be fixed this morning. Imagine my surprise when this morning the same problem persisted.

I transferred my network connection from WCDMA to Edge just so I can work. Loading one website took so long but since I wanted to finish something from my work load, I waited patiently. I again put off calling Sun's customer service since I was hopeful that connection would get better in the afternoon. Again, I was frustrated. I was at my wits end so I decided to call them. I stayed talking to the CSR (Customer Service Representative) for 30 minutes, doing troubleshooting for what seemed like hours. Unfortunately, it didn't do any good. He reported the matter to the technical department and advised me to monitor my connection.

My connection is better now, thank God. But I don't know until when. I just hope that what happened last night never happens again. I'm also thinking of changing my network provider to something that's more stable and reliable. I'm going to start researching for the best internet provider and get their service and hopefully never be at my wits end again.

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