Sunday, November 20, 2011

Delicious Mocha Magnifico

I seldom cook because I don't really have the talent for cooking. This fact sometimes frustrates me but it's something that I have accepted ever since I can remember. I may be good at other things, but I'll never be good in the kitchen. But since it's a Sunday and the whole family's at home, I decided to prepare a delicious dessert. I think I've done this recipe twice already and the result every time was perfect. I want to share it because it's a really yummy recipe and for sure everyone will enjoy it, not just the kids.

Mocha Magnifico

(2) 250 ml Nestle All Purpose Cream
(1/2) cup Carnation Condensada
(1) tbsp Nescafe Classic Dissolved in
(1) tbsp hot water
(14) pcs graham crackers
(10) pcs choco wafer sticks, crushed
(1) 70 g pack Nestle Knick Knacks, Choco

1.) Mix together Nestle All Purpose Cream, Carnation Condensada and dissolved Nescafe Classic. Set aside.

2.) Layer graham crackers on a square glass or aluminum container. Spread about 1/2 cup of the coffee-cream mixture on top of the graham crackers and sprinkle with crushed choco wafer sticks and Nestle Knick Knacks Choco for filling. Sandwich the filling with another layer of graham crackers and finish with the remaining cream mixture.

3.) Chill before serving.

This takes 15 minutes to prepare and needs to be chilled for 4 hours.


Anonymous said...

oooohhh sounds delish!!!! i wanna try this on Christmas! thanks for sharing sis!

Lourdes Espanol said...

You're welcome!