Sunday, March 17, 2013

Global Test Market Redemption

I finally reached 1,000 market points the other day at Global Test Market. It kinda took a while to reach that but I'm happy I did. It's additional $50 in my Paypal account. This is actually just my second time to redeem from them. Those who doubt if they are a legitimate survey site, rest assured that they are. The downside is that their processing time for payments is long and usually takes 4-6 weeks for US and 6-8 weeks for other countries. Which means that I'll receive my cheque two months from now.

Global Test Market is a global consumer research panel that was founded in 1999 by Global Market Insite, Inc. (GMI). GMI conducts market research to more than 1400 companies in over 60 countries. Their survey studies include: Movies, Restaurants, Automobiles, Consumer products, Current events, and others. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2004. You have to complete your profile so that you'll be matched with surveys that match you. If along the way you get screened out, they'll reward you with 5 market points. You're usually rewarded 30 market points for each completed survey but there are instances when you'll be rewarded as much as 60 market points. It all depends on the length of the survey, how long it will take to complete it, and how difficult it is to finish it. 

Although reaching the minimum payout of $50 (1,000 market points) takes a long time, I'll still continue taking surveys. In my experience, among all the survey sites that I'm a member of, Global Test Market is the best and the one which gives the most amount of surveys. There are times when I get 3 surveys in a week. You just have to be patient.

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