Friday, March 15, 2013

My March BDJ Box

I'm happy to receive my March BDJ Box this afternoon. I love L'Oreal that's why I'm ecstatic about this box because all the items are from this brand and I know how effective and expensive they are. I'm looking forward to using all of them. But I'm most excited about the Color Riche Les Nail Art because I'm such a nail junkie and I haven't tried putting nail stickers. Plus, the gold color of the stickers is so glamorous and chic. As usual, the box's packaging is cute and very enticing. To those who haven't subscribed to their April box yet, better do so because they're fast running out. Paying P480 for all these wonderful products is really worth it. I computed the prices of everything and it's certainly more than P480. 

Fall Repair Hair Shampoo, 180 ml. (Php110) and Fall Repair Hair Conditioner, 180 ml. (Php119)
UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector, 30 ml (Php545)
Shine Caresse, 6 ml (Php 595)
UV Perfect BB Max, 30 ml (Php 595) and Youth Code Pre-Essence (Php 1495)
Color Riche Les Nail Art (Php 395)

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