Monday, April 8, 2013

Forever 21 Top

After Sunday mass, my family and I went to SM MOA to have lunch and buy a scooter for my nephew. I didn't really have any plans of buying something for myself but I just couldn't resist going inside Forever 21. They have so many amazing clothes and accessories that I felt like a confused kid in a candy store. I didn't know where to look and there were so many pieces that I wanted to buy. I'm a jewelry freak and their wide selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings just took my breath away. Since I was on a budget, I didn't want to go overboard in spending but I knew that I couldn't leave empty handed so I carefully chose the top I was going to buy (I decided to buy bracelets some other time). Since I needed something ultra casual for my trips to the mall, I bought this loose, cotton, white top with lace details on each side. It was on sale for P665. I'm definitely coming back and buy more stuff.

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