Friday, April 5, 2013

Rooftop Prince Fan

There was a time when I was addicted to watching koreanovelas. I would sleep at 2 am just so I can finish episodes and go on with my next one, even if I had to wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work. But I grew tired of them and instead watched US TV series. That was until two weeks ago when my sister bought a DVD of the hit koreanovela Rooftop Prince. We opted to stay at home during the Holy Week so we were able to finish the series right away.

Rooftop Prince is about a Joseon crown prince who, after his wife dies mysteriously, time travels to the future where he encounters familiar faces, modern-day devices, and corporate intrigue. I won't go into details anymore since there may be others who would like to watch it. Suffice it to say that this is one of the best koreanovelas I have seen. It is both funny and heart-warming and the sweet chemistry of the two main characters Prince Lee Gak / Yong Tae-yong (Park Yoochun) and Park-ha / Hong Bu-yong (Han Ji-min) makes it even more interesting and likeable. Episodes 1 to 9 has a lot of funny scenes and the rest of the episodes are very intriguing. Episode 19 made me so sentimental that I cried buckets of tears. Loose ends were all answered in Episode 20.

For all koreanovela fans, Rooftop Prince is highly recommended. I hope to watch another series that is as good as this one. If you have any suggestions guys please post them here.


Danica Stark said...

Rooftop prince fan here too.

Almost cried when it ended. I just hope there's a part II

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Batangala said...

ha ha ha.. you are just like my wife and daughter who always slept late on weekends because of that koreanovela. my daughter eventually finished it by herself when i was hospitalized because my wife sometimes stayed with me and no one saw to it that my daughter doesn't stay too late watching the TV.