Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Amazing Ways Celebration Bermudagrass Benefits Your Yard

Are you tired of looking at your neighbor's rich green yard with envy? Yard envy is common in suburban towns all over the United States, but there is a solution. While you may think that your yard is undesirable because you lack certain landscaping skills, the true reason for your yard's failing performance could be the type of seed you are planting. Many homeowners that have struggled with maintaining a green, lush yard often find that planting Celebration Bermudagrass can revive their lawns in a spectacular way.

Shade Tolerant Seed

Many grass varieties need a certain amount of sun to thrive. This is one reason why homeowners may struggle to maintain their yards, especially if their yard is surrounded by trees and constantly fighting for sunlight when most of their yard is primarily in the shade. Seeding your yard with a shade tolerant grass is the best solution to this problem.  It should be mentioned, though, that Celebration seed is considered most tolerant for light to moderate shading. Therefore, if your home struggles to attract any sunlight during the peak of the day, you may want to consider a different variety.

Easy Planting Schedule

One reason that homeowners struggle to maintain their grass is that they miss the window of opportunity to seed their yard. Most grass varieties need to be planted in the early spring for the current season or the late fall for the next growing season. In general, seeding a yard in the summer is not ideal because the temperatures are too hot and there isn't enough rain to help the seed germinate. With Celebration grass, this isn't the case. It is a variety of grass that can easily be transplanted in the summer if you forget during the spring or you want to revive a patch of grass that succumbed to poor lawn maintenance.

Drought Tolerance

Are you a homeowner that forgets to water? Or, do you live in an area of the country that has water restrictions during the heat of the summer. If so, you need a drought-tolerant grass. Celebration Bermudagrass is the perfect type of grass for lawns that are thirsty and susceptible to drought.

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