Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Appliance Maintenance: Caring for a Disposal

If used properly, a sink garbage disposal can be a great asset in the home. You can get rid of food that would otherwise stink up the garbage. However, many people abuse their garbage disposal, thinking that they can do whatever they want to it and that it doesn't require any maintenance. As a result, the disposal can break and wear down much more quickly. If this happens, you can call for appliance repair in Sterling Heights. However, you can avoid some problems and help your disposal last longer if you know how to properly care for it and keep it maintained.

Disposal Maintenance

First, know what you can and cannot put down the disposal. It is for small, soft bits of food that can easily be chopped up. Anything hard or sharp, such as bones, should not be put down the disposal. If you are ever in doubt, choose to put it in the trash instead. You can always keep smelly items that need to be kept cold in the refrigerator until trash day. Putting these things in the disposal can cause the blades to dull quickly, or can even break the disposal.

If you have something large you want to put down the disposal, you should cut it up first. Do not put compostable items in the disposal, such as banana peels. Things that are starchy or have a lot of fiber can get tangled up in the blades, which will stop the disposal from working. The same thing will happen if you put too much in at once.

You can keep the disposal in better condition, and the sink smelling fresh, by cleaning the disposal regularly. Turn the disposal off and make sure it will not turn back on. Wipe down the rubber inside the disposal. This is what can often smell. You can throw ice down the disposal occasionally to break up debris and help it work more efficiently. If you make ice cubes from citrus juice or vinegar, it will give you better results for the smell as well. You can also cut up citrus peels and put them down the disposal to help it smell better.

If you ever notice anything odd about your disposal, do not use it. Call for appliance repair in Sterling Heights and make sure it is looked at by a professional to ensure everything is safe and working properly. If there is something wrong, it should be fixed.

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