Thursday, April 3, 2014

Social Spark Payout

In the years that I've been a member of Social Spark not once did I receive any opportunity, although there've been several leads. That's why when I checked my account (which I do about once a month), and saw that my current balance now amounts to 954 points, I got curious and decided to withdraw the amount. I had no idea how I got those points so I did a little research. I looked at my Points Earned Transaction History under the Account tab and saw that the points were from ad payments. It would have been better if I received opportunities which would have easily earned me at least 400 points per opportunity. But I can't really complain that much since I got those points without doing anything and even if the amount is small, that's still money in my Paypal account and something that you won't easily see in the streets (as the saying goes). Every point is equivalent to one cent so my accumulated points amount to $9.54. You can cash out your earnings to Paypal at any time but if you have less than $50 accumulated, Social Spark will deduct a $2 fee from your earnings.

Anyhow, if you want to earn some money through your blog just visit Social Spark.

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