Monday, July 27, 2015

Dressing Appropriately at the Workplace

Fashion has come a long way and fashion forward people don't really care what others would say about the clothes they're wearing. Nowadays, it's usually anything goes especially if you're just going to the mall or on a casual meeting with family and/or friends. But office attire is a different matter altogether. A lot of people go to great lengths just to look their best at the office because dressing well and dressing appropriately, let's face it, adds to your officemates' good impression of you. Furthermore, you feel more confident and in control when you know that you dress the part of a successful career woman. 

There're a couple of items that you're not allowed to wear to work such as sheer clothes. Whether it's a transparent skirt or dress, or a thin T-shirt, it's just not right for a professional setting. Cut-off denim shorts is also a no-no. It's just too casual and more appropriate for a weekend getaway. Women should also avoid wearing too tight shirts and dresses. You wouldn't feel comfortable anyway when you know that everybody's staring at your body. Another thing that you shouldn't be wearing at the workplace are flip flops. You'd look like a total fashion failure if you wear them to work, and you wouldn't want to look too comfortable among your colleagues. You also shouldn't be wearing sneakers.  

Suffice to say that never look trashy at the office. You should always look respectable, from head to toe, and that doesn't just apply to the tops, skirts, pants, and dresses you're wearing. While you're at it, make sure that your accessories, as well as your gadgets, can be as bedazzled and ornamented as you, with tech accessories from Zalora. Have fun dressing up at work but not "too fun" that people no longer take you seriously. 

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