Thursday, July 5, 2018

My Love For My Mister

I'm a Kdrama fan and have been watching dramas since 2005 (my first one being Lovers in Paris). It doesn't matter if it's a romantic comedy or a drama as long as the story, directing, and acting are good. I've watched so many that I know a lot of Korean actors and actresses and remember the titles of the dramas they've starred in. Although I can mention many titles that I can recommend to those who are asking which shows to watch, there're but a few dramas that have really pulled at my heart strings and lingered in my thoughts for a long time (Misaeng, Dear My Friends, and Secret Love Affair). However, there's this one drama that I've watched three times already and plan to watch again since I can't seem to get enough of it and have a hard time leaving it behind, and that's the recently concluded My Ahjusshi (My Mister). 

To give you an idea of what it's all about is this plot synopsis by AsianWiki:

A man (Lee Sun-Kyun) in his 40's withstands the weight of life. A woman (IU) in her 20's goes through difficult experiences, but also withstands the weight of her life. The man and woman get together to help each other.

Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) is married to Yoon-Hee (Lee Ji-Ah). His wife is secretly having an affair with a senior executive at the construction company where he works. Yoon-Hee wants to divorce Dong-Hoon and marry the executive, Joon-Young (Kim Young-Min). Dong Hoon also has two brothers who live with his mother. The oldest brother, Sang-Hoon (Park Ho-San), doesn't have a job and he is separated from his wife. Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) is the youngest brother and he wants to become a movie director.

Meanwhile, Ji An (IU) lives in a difficult situation. She supports her grandmother who is unable to move by herself. Ji-An is also in heavy debt and is harassed by loan shark Gwang-Il (Chang Ki-Yong). She works as a temp employee at the same construction company as Dong Hoon. One day, she sees Dong Hoon receive 50 million won ($50,000 USD) of gift certificates. She goes back to the office late at night and takes the gift certificates from Dong-Hoon's desk. She tries to pay off her debts with the gift certificates, but her plan doesn't work out.

Ji An learns that Joon-Young, the company Vice President, is having an affair with Dong-Hoon's wife. She goes to Joon-Young and offers to make Dong Hoon leave the company if he will pay her.

I won't go into details so as not to spoil the viewing pleasure of those who haven't watched it. I just want to say that watching My Ahjusshi was an experience in itself. You'll learn a lot about life such as moving on from a bad past and realizing that such a past does not define who you are. It also tells you to learn to love yourself more and not be too selfless especially when your selflessness becomes a hindrance to your happiness. It also reminds us that eventhough we live in an imperfect world that's inhabited by some not so good people, we should not stop ourselves from loving and trusting those who truly care for us. There're still good people around. Kind people. 

My Ahjusshi is a masterpiece. It's just good on all levels - writing, directing, acting, OST etc. It's meant to be watched a couple of times because some dialogue needs to be deciphered to be understood. It's also a drama that you need to watch attentively from the first until the last episode, otherwise you might not fully understand some of the scenes. 

I have to say that the acting has really blown me away. I know that Lee Sun Kyun is a good actor and I've loved him eversince I saw him in Coffee Prince but his acting here deserves an award. It's so heartfelt and real. His facial expressions and the way he acts with his eyes is amazing. The role of Park Dong Hoon is tailor-made for him. Of course who would forget his beautiful, deep, distinct voice. A lot of Korean actors have beautiful voices but his is the best. I can listen to his voice the whole day. I also like the way he walks and moves. Damn, I love everything about Lee Sun Kyun! Lee Jieun (IU) is a revelation here. She's so good! I didn't see IU but only saw Ji An. She totally became the character. The rest of the cast is also good and if there's an award for the best cast in a drama series, My Ahjusshi should win. 

The producers of My Ahjusshi sold this as a healing drama and said that it's not a romantic drama but honestly I think it's the most romantic Kdrama I've ever watched. The relationship of the main leads is quite ambiguous. It's up to the viewer to figure out if the relationship between Dong Hoon and Ji An is on a romantic level or just between senior and junior. The way I see it, they're in love. The director presented everything in a subtle way but the love between a man and a woman, I think, is all there. Some people think otherwise. I have to say that the chemistry between Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Jieun is off the charts. They don't have any kissing scenes or any kind of skinship but still you get all tingly watching them. They just stare and glance at each other and I get excited already. It's really amazing. Plus, their age gap seems to not matter because of that sizzling chemistry. 

Find out for yourself what all my raving is about and watch My Ahjusshi (My Mister).

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