Monday, October 11, 2010


As I was surfing through some blogs I chanced upon the site Make Money Online where I saw a couple of money making opportunities worth checking out. One of them is Microworkers, the site that connects employers and workers from around the world. You can choose to be an employer by assigning small tasks to active Workers who in turn get paid after completing the job you assigned or you can be a worker where your payment depends on the task you took. Most tasks are simple like signing up to a website and commenting on forums and usually pay $0.10-$0.15 per task while others are a bit difficult but pay more from $0.45 to $1 per task. The higher paying jobs though usually require you to have a blog with a page rank of 1 to 3 to be able to do the task. The good thing about Microworkers is that you're given $1 instantly upon signing up. Once you reach $9 you'll be able to cashout through Paypal. I haven't reached payout yet since I joined only last week but I expect to in 2 weeks. If you have a blog with a high page rank you'll be able to do more jobs and reach payout faster but if you don't it might take you some time to cashout. They also have a referral system where you will receive $1 once the person you refer earns a minimum of $25.

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