Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

I've always considered myself blessed. I can buy the things I want, eat delicious food, get enough pampering to my heart's content, and go to different places for leisure. But more than all those material things and rather trivial pursuits, I'm blessed because I have a wonderful family who cares, supports, and loves me unconditionally. I know that God does love me. I also had the privilege of having a good education and finishing college without ever thinking of where to get the money for my tuition fee and everything else that I needed. I never had to work while I was studying because my parents paid for everything. Having said that I would sometimes wonder at how difficult it would be for a poor parent with many children to pay for their children's education. Some children only get to finish elementary education while others don't even get to graduate. The saying "mahirap maging mahirap (it's hard to be poor)" is indeed very true.

Countless times I have thought of ways to help the less fortunate but I haven't really acted on that desire. But seeing my healthy, intelligent, and happy nephew playing and running around the house, enjoying his childhood to the fullest and having everything he needs, makes everything clearer to me. I want to help indigent children go to school and eventually finish college. This I could do by sponsoring a child through World Vision. I learned about this organization through my mom who is also sponsoring a child. Imagine for just $1 a day you can make a difference in a child's life! Isn't that great?! You'll also get to track your child's progress because World Vision will send you updates on how he/she is doing in school.

There are really countless ways to help and love others if we find it in our hearts to commit to helping them. I already feel happy and fulfilled that I'm sharing my blessings this way. I know it's not much but it's way better than doing nothing and being blind to all the poverty you see and hear about.


Liz said...

I also want to help others in my own way. And I am thinking of giving out scholarships once I have enough resources. :)

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xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Sharing is giving! You feel a certain gratification when you know you have helped a person/family.


Florence LM said...

Oh I'm happy to know that we have the same advocacy and I chose WV too. It's really painful if as a parent, you can't give the needed education for your child. Hope you can visit my Nuffnang entry too. :)

Tetcha said...

You've chosen a nice organization to support. It feels really good when you can help others.

roviedear said...

Thi is such a great advocacy. Im so proud that this is your move :)

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