Monday, November 5, 2012

Papa John's Pizza Dining Experience

My family and I took advantage of the long weekend to bond by having a hearty lunch at Papa John's Pizza's BF Paranaque branch. It's my first time to eat at Papa John's and I must say that I really like the food and their cozy ambiance. Since it was a holiday, there were only a few diners so we were able to enjoy our meal more (I hate crowded places).

There are a lot of yummy food to choose from in their menu (pizza, pasta, salads, soup, side items, desserts). We ordered Hawaiian Pizza, Carbonara, Meatball Bolognaise, and Caesar Salad. We had a discount coupon so we were able to chop off P500 from our bill. Isn't that amazing?! I'm definitely coming back for more of their mouth watering dishes.  

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Batangala said...

we had lunch in the same branch of papa john's a few months back. it was almost deserted on a sunday afternoon.

for a group of three, i think we ordered more than we can consume, ha ha ha. add to that a 9" inch pizza which came free when you reach a certain amount using a credit card.

we love their pizza. in fact our daughter asked that the left over pizza be her baon the next day, he he he