Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thinking of Getting a SaladBox

The newest craze when it comes to beauty is probably subscribing for a beauty box. I've already signed up and payed subscriptions for BDJ Box and Glamourbox and now I'm thinking of getting myself a SaladBox. I've always loved surprises, so getting a box full of beauty products every month delivered right at your doorstep is totally exciting. I already have my opinions regarding the first two boxes but I'd like to keep it first to myself and avail of the SaladBox and then compare the three.

Every SaladBox subscriber gets four or more samples of beauty products. They can then review the products and refer friends so as to earn Salad Leaves which they can then use to buy full-size products. SaladBox has five plans:

1.) Monthly Recurring - this costs P500 and renews itself automatically every month.
2.) Six Months Prepaid - pay a one-time payment of P2,700.
3.) One Year Prepaid - the one-time payment is P5,000 (the 11th and 12th boxes are free).
4.) SaladBox Lite - subscribe for just a month for P500.
5.) SaladBox Starter - pay P1,000 for two months.

The brands that you may get in your SaladBox are BC Fragrance, Black Beauty, Camaru Naturals, Hotshop, Klair's, Natura, Sakura, Skinmiso, Virginia Olsen Minerals, and Wish Trend. For more information, please visit SaladBox and while your there, sign up and subscribe.

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